Simplified Training = Amplified Results


Bodyweight Strength & Skill

- Handstands

- Muscle Ups

- Human Flags

Athletic Physique & Performance

- Build Muscle

- Burn Fat

- Move Like An Athlete

Results Focused Training

- Get Fit

- Get Strong

- Have Fun!


Monday - Upper Body

5:30am // 9:30am //  5:30pm

Pull / Push alternating.

Tuesday - Lower Body.

5:30am // 9:30am //  5:30pm

Legs & Handstands.

Wednesday - Upper Body

5:30am // 9:30am //  5:30pm

Push / Pull alternating.

Thursday - Lower Body.

5:30am // 9:30am //  5:30pm

Legs & Handstands.

Friday - Upper Body

5:30am // 9:30am //  5:30pm

Pull / Push alternating.

Saturday - Mobility & recovery.


BARFIT Online Academy FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

$45 USD - Lifetime Access

- Non-Recurring One Time Payment

- Unlimited & Coaching Support

- Global Community

All Levels of Experience

- Complete beginner to advanced athlete

- Unlimited progressions & regressions

- Multiple options & variations

4 Pillars of health & lifestyle tools & guidance

1. What's the difference between the three online options?

Handstands covers all things Handstand related both on the floor & parallettes, Muscle ups covers everything muscle up related both on rings & bars & Statics covers everything static hold related including Human Flags, Planche & Front/Back lever! 

2. Do I need any equipment? 

Highly recommended at least gymnastics rings or something to train "pull" movements, all the learning content including the programming is tailored to minimalism however can be adjusted towards gyms, out-door bar parks & even free weights!

3. What if I need more help?

Every effort has been made to include as much information as possible in all 3 academies, however, if there are still any questions you can reach out at any stage! You can also join our premium online coaching for a more personalised connection too!

4. It's not a lot of money to join, is it valuable?

YES! It's well priced, not cheap, there is over 10+ years of coaching knowledge & experience packed into all 3 academies plus the tried & tested nature in the trenches of the BAR gym in Redlands QLD

5. Is the fee really a one off, seems too good to be true?

YES! You only pay once to have life time access to each academy, no stitch ups! Should you end up purchasing more than one, they are all designed to work side by side & not take away from each other!